My name is Julio Oliveira, I am Portuguese but my parents are Brazilian, so I have dual nationality. I lived in Brazil for many years and came to Europe chasing a dream that has been taking shape and developing over time. Today, my biggest dream for my career is to be a Full-stack developer, so I am constantly learning, acquiring new tools and theories. I love doing this, web development has become my passion.


I have some projects in mind, and I have been slowly developing and growing. In Brazil, I started studying Mechanical Engineering, but with one year left to finish, I decided to come to Europe to improve my language skills, both in English and French. Today, I want to be in the web development field.

I have developed some projects in Brazil and France, and I am grateful to some clients who have accepted my work, allowing me to gain a lot of experience and knowledge in web development. I now have a company in Brazil called Bragi Solutions and one in France called Morfoz, where I have a partner working with me. We have some joint projects that we are already developing.

My work philosophy is to learn with pleasure, work with joy, and each challenge is a pleasure to face because I know I will learn even more. Everything to get where I want to be. My clients are my partners, it is through them that I can develop more and reach my goal of becoming a Full-stack developer.


I have some skills: I work very well with WordPress and its plugins. I have intermediate knowledge of Python and Django, and I am currently developing two new projects. I have basic knowledge of HTML and CSS, which I can use in my Django project as they are also interconnected. I have minimal knowledge of JavaScript, still in the learning phase. I work very well with Github, where I can manage my projects and share them with my colleagues.